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MOVIEBTC – Who we are and how are we better than the others?

This website is dedicated to all movie lovers from all four corners of the world. We’ve bent over backwards compiling all sorts of movies for your viewing and enjoyment. Whether you like downloading movies or watching them streamed, we have what you’re looking for. The best part is that we have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy compiling movies of all genres and time periods.

If you’re a big fan of the 1970s Hollywood, you’ve come to the right place. Not only would you find movies that were released in what many movie critics claim is the best Hollywood era, but you can also find lesser-known gems. In fact, many critics would argue that these lesser-known titles are actually better than The Godfather, The Godfather 2, and other amazing movies that came from Hollywood forty years ago.


If you are a big fan of cinema noire, you’re in luck because in the late 1930s to the 1940s, there are tons of materials that were released, and we have taken great pains to collect them within one website. Regardless of your preference or particular directors or producers, you can bet that you can find these materials here. It’s a fact that a lot of movie researchers regularly use our website to find titles that they thought are out of print or out of circulation. They speak truths about the human experience that still leave a mark and an impression in a world of computer.


Our collection really goes a long way in helping ensure that the genius behind these otherwise lesser-known relics from the film noire period are preserved for future generations. Hollywood titles the funny thing about the concept of a Hollywood classic is that it’s too easy to get sucked up and into the gravity of the commercial value of typical Hollywood fare. It’s tempting to equate the production budget of a particular movie. It sounds mind-blowing. It’s really not a question of technology but more of basic human storytelling. It really is a sad indictment.


You have to really resist this temptation. Unbelievably, based on our hundreds of hours of watching amazing Hollywood titles one after the other, we’ve come to the starting conclusion that a budget has nothing to do with movie quality. Whether we’re talking about the Golden Age of the 1970s and any time since, or the 1940s all the way to the 60s, small-time or almost forgotten shoestring budget movies continue to resonate to this day. They tend to look at technology as a stand-in, or, worse yet, an outright replacement for narrative elements.

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This is a sad mistake because if you want to really tell a story, you have to get basic. You have to peel away the cultural differences that separate people and speak on a heart-to-heart basis. In other words, what is true to somebody who lives on the other side of the planet is true to you as well on a purely emotional level. Unfortunately, with all this technological wizardry at our disposal, it’s very easy to lose sight of that. It’s not uncommon to see a lot of this multi-billion dollar titles just cranking out the same well-worn narrative formula.


After the other while this tremendous opportunity to really dive into the human soul is lost. It really makes us sad because that’s the whole project behind filmmaking. It’s not just a question of putting a product up on a screen so people would make you millions of dollars, it goes beyond that. It’s an art form. It’s supposed to speak on an intimate human-to-human and heart-to-heart level, and fundamental truths about the human experience. A lot of that, unfortunately, is restricted to a tiny community or segment in the Hollywood creative.


Since we understand that a lot of the real artistic heavy lifting being done nowadays is in the indie space, we have really taken a lot of pains and effort, as well as money, to compile amazing indie masterpieces that we strongly believe you should check out. We didn’t just restrict ourselves to art houses and special collections that universities often present. Those are easy targets, low-hanging fruit. Instead, we looked at social networks and private collections. You’ll be surprised as to how awesome some totally forgotten or obscure works.


As basic as the equipment is, the story and immediacy that you get from the finished work really speaks at a very deep level. This is why we really go out our way to give exposure towards many of these indie masterpieces as possible. It’s our hope that these cinematic geniuses get the recognition they so fully deserve. Cutting edge flicks can come from all corners of the world. Hollywood definitely doesn’t have a monopoly. I believe, for a fact, that Hollywood has lost its legitimacy in the world of cutting edge movies because they let economic reality dictate.


There’s no shame in that game since Hollywood is a business machine. However, the sad casualty is the fact that the artistic element, where the spiritual communication faculties are, is just completely prostituted and set aside for quick bucks. For this reason, thanks to the magic of the internet, we have gone out of our way to make these cutting-edge flicks available to you. They would really remind you of how powerful cinematic artistry could be in terms of communicating hard fundamental personal truth in an intimate, eloquent and immediate way.


After reading that description, you might be wondering to yourself whether this website is a walking and talking intellectual property lawsuit, not so fast. Since we stream these materials from 100% legit sources, you don’t need a degree from Harvard Law to realize that these are legal materials, so we stand on solid ground. There won’t be any cease and desist letters in the future because these are all obtained from 100% legit sources. If you need proof of this, send us an email and we will send you a raw XML dump of all our feeds.

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