I love movies. I really do. Why? They exaggerate reality. If you think about it, movies have to exaggerate reality because if they are hyper-realistic, movies would be extremely boring. In other words, they would be an accurate portrayal of people’s daily lives.

When you watch a movie, grass grows instantly. When you watch a movie, relationship problems blow up right in front of your face. Everything is brighter, bigger, more vivid and definitely a lot more dramatic. In other words, movies turn the juice of life and crystallizes it.

Do you know how sugar is made? Well, when you go to the tropics, sugarcane is like a stick and it’s very sweet. There is a lot of fiber. So this sugarcane is cut and then crushed to release juice. When you taste that juice, it may be sweet, but it’s nowhere near the sweetness level of one teaspoon of crystallized white sugar. That liquid has to be boiled, filtered and treated for it to take a white crystallized purified form.

Movies do the same. They take nightmares, they take fears, they take hopes, they take dreams, and then they boil it down into a formula that people from all over the world can pretty much recognize instantly. That’s movie magic.

It’s called dramatization because doing things the other way, which is to reflect reality as it exists would be too boring. You’ll probably be thinking to yourself, “I’m already living my life, and it’s not all that great, do I really want to pay $10 to watch it on the big screen?” You know the answer to this.

I used this as a background to highlight the fact that our nightmares are played up by the movies. Not surprisingly, depictions of cockroaches and bed bugs are really blown out of proportion. Seriously. It’s like these six-legged animals are like the worst creatures to ever exist. This is no thanks to the one-sided and distorted depictions in the movies.

Well, you probably are thinking to yourself, “I’m being unrealistic” or “Maybe I’m being overly idealistic.” The truth is, if you have severe sensitivities or allergies, bed bugs bites can be the stuff of nightmares. People can develop all sorts of rashes, people might even pass out, and all sorts of things can go wrong. In those situations, it’s as if the movies really downplayed the extent of the bad times bed bugs bring.

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