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The team here at Movie BTC would love to hear from you for any reason. Our email is listed below, so if you want to just talk or discuss anything under the Sun, feel free to contact us. However, if you would love to talk about movies we would be extra excited.

Contact us if you want more movies. Maybe something fell between the cracks or something got lost in translation. Whatever the case may be, if you want more movie options, then let us know. Do reach out and we will try our hardest to get access to that movie.

As our default policy states, if our movie title is missing from this website, we may make it available in free form. As much as possible, if it is available in a free format, we will find it and make it accessible to you. If it turns out that you have to sign up for membership site, or pay to get access, then we’d rather have you access the movie in that way than deny you access at all. Just because you contacted us to make certain movies available, doesn’t necessarily follow that you will get a free link.

Share Resources with Us

If you’re worried about another movie website that has a ton of other resources, let us know. We don’t think twice about sharing links to other websites that are doing what we’re doing. Our number one objective behind this website is to share our love and passion for anything cinematic.

It’s not necessarily to make money off the ads, or generate income from the membership. Those are all well and good; however, our primary motivation is to ensure that all movie lovers from all four corners of the world have an online home.

Contact Us If You Want to Report Site Problems

Just like any other online platform, our website is a work in progress. There’s always room for improvement. If you click on a link and it leads to an empty page, or you try to do a search and come up empty, or the search functionality gets broken, let us know ASAP. We want to hear about these issues so we can fix them the soonest.

Let’s put it this way: a website is only as good as our user base’s willingness to let us know what’s wrong with it. We’re constantly listening to you. Unfortunately, we have limited resources, so we can’t debug your website as early as we’d like. While we have done a decent job of taking care of the low-hanging fruit and all these bugs, I’m sure there are still issues lurking in the background. So let us know if you come across these.

Contact Us for Intellectual Property Violations

If you notice that there’s a link featuring illegal copies of movies, let us know. We respect creators’ rights, and we stand by and respect international intellectual property law. If you see certain violations, inform us, so we’ll clear the links. Most importantly, we’ll report the violator.