One thing I love about movies is their photorealism. This blog is dedicated to everything and anything related to the movies because of their ability to mirror or mimic reality.

Let’s get one thing clear, if movies did a bad job of reflecting reality, you probably would stop watching them. Seriously. Because it would seem like it’s obvious fantasy. The fact that it’s fake jumps out at you each and every time. You probably couldn’t stand it after some time.

I don’t blame you at all. In fact, I don’t blame you one bit because the reason why people connect with movies on such a deep, profound and personal level is the fact that it is both unreality and reality at the same time.

In other words, there’s enough realistic elements that your power to believe is preserved. At the same time, at the back of your head, you are well aware the you are watching fiction. Do you see how this works?

But the key to making this happen is the clarity of the images. It’s as if you are actually there. It’s as if you can see the actors breathing, moving back and forth, and otherwise interacting with their immediate surroundings. It’s like getting this sneak peek into something that’s happening and you are engaged emotionally, psychologically and physically.

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