It is always a very good idea to work with a checklist when you are planning for a special occasion. In the life of a mother, a baby shower is one of the most celebrated occasions but to make it memorable and adorable. If you have the plans to throw a baby shower for an expecting mom take a look at this, Momming blog checklist of gifts for the necessary items that should be included on the list.

  1. Baby Shower Invitations- the primary elements for the baby shower are these printed cards. It will be difficult to invite friends and loves ones over your to your place without them. If there is a theme for the occasion, the baby shower invitations should carry it. Most times they are sent out a month prior to the day of the event.
  2. Decorations: the theme and venue of the baby shower will determine how the decoration will look like. You don’t necessarily have to pick an overelaborate type of decoration. As a matter of fact, it will be safe and best to stick with simple designs. Balloons, streamers, banner and also a few tables centerpieces would be sufficient to light up the entire room
  3. Ice Breaker- you have to have to try to keep boredom away from the people by considering games and other fun activities that will keep them busy. It is advisable too that baby shower games are according to the theme of the program. Then it has to be so much fun that everyone present wants to join. Fun and exciting games are great ideas to keep the party bubbling and kicking!
  4. Prizes and Favor- do not forget to pick a token for the game prizes. You can also use shower favor as a game prize, but if you want, you may choose to use a different to appreciate the winners. On the other hand, shower favor is traditionally done in other to give thanks to the guest for coming and sharing their time with the mother-to-be. They are also keepsakes of the event.