There is such a thing as poverty porn, I’m sorry to report. There are many people, especially in the Western world, who have this distorted view of developing countries. They feel that if you are talking about certain countries, the only thing that is worth noting in those societies is the amount of abject poverty, pain, embarrassment, humiliation, and human suffering. These movies are actually just rehashing certain stereotypes of certain parts of the world.

It’s easy to see why this is the case because for you to feel good about yourself, sometimes you have to put somebody down. Sometimes you have to look at what’s going well in your life by comparing the best things in your life with the very worst in somebody else’s life.

If you want to see this play out, open your Facebook timeline. Look at people’s selfies. Look at the things that they post about. Look at their snapshots. This should jump out at you. In fact, the disconnect should be quite glaring.

I share this with you because if you are on the market for Indian water purifiers, it’s very easy to be biased because of what you’ve seen in the movies. I’m sure you probably have heard this before, but not all of India is a slum. The movie set in India called Slum Dog Millionaire only captures a certain segment of India’s society.

Believe it or not, there are lots of rich people in India. In fact, they have a lot more money than the typical American. But you don’t get this impression based on the poverty porn coming out of Hollywood.

I raise this with you because if you’re looking for certain products from certain contexts like Indian water purifiers, it’s easy to let your biases, whether conscious or not, get the better of you. And this really would be too bad because there are lots of great Indian water purifiers out there.

Maybe you need it for a specific purpose, maybe you’re bringing it to India directly—whatever the case may be, to make sure you make the right call, read this guide. This really gives you the inside look on everything and anything related to Indian water purifiers.

The key here is to look at the benefits or outcomes you’re looking for and then trace it back to the features these products ship with. By making sure that you have identified the problem correctly, then you are putting yourself in the position to finding the right answers.

That is the logical, smart, and perfectly responsible way to handle this problem. Otherwise, you’re just basically taking people’s word for it. You may be reading a lot into brands. And this is why a lot of people screw up. This is why a lot of people end up with choices that they come to regret later on.

If you just want to get the inside scoop on Indian water purifiers, read this guide. It would really blow your mind because it goes to the meat of the matter. It doesn’t screw around, it’s not full of fluff, nor does it try to trick you by creating false dichotomies or false comparisons. They dispense with the usual product review shenanigans and deal primarily with meat and potatoes. That’s the way it should be.