There are several FM/AM radios on the market today, that’s why the decision of which one to buy from is always a difficult decision. Getting the correct features is one of the things that makes it more difficult. There is a review of pocket radios here that gives you a quick guide of the features which you should check out when you want to acquire a portable FM/AM radio.

From time immemorial, one of the major sources of entertainment and news has been the Radio. Everyone must have had a story behind radio night with friends, cousins or family might be electrical cut out nights or camping when boredom is in the air. And for the grown-up, they do not want to let go of their past, human nature. Most of the times, people buy radios to relieve the moments or maybe because we need one.

The AM/FM radio programs are transmitted through the radio waves which are a kind of electromagnetic wave. The waves are produced by an alternating current. These low-frequency electromagnetic radiations escape the wire and the get transmitted to the air.

The different types of radio are as follows


This types of radios are dated back to 1954 and the 1970’s. There are several portable sizes of vintage radios with a wide range of sizes but normally vintage radios are bulky and heavy.


When you are talking about portable radios pocket radios come to mind, but the ultra-compact ones. These devices are not heavy and they are very easy to carry


When you are exercising, or you are in the gym or you are doing any kind of sport, it is best to use a Walkman. It affords you the opportunity to listen to music or talk radio with a headphone and on-the-go. There is an armband that you can also use to make it easier to carry.


This is a modernized version of the vintage radio but it is lightweight and very attractive. Most times they are wireless. The signal reception is strong as in a digital radio.


Boomboxes is a very easy to move around the stereo system which has an AM/FM radio panel, CD player or cassette player, sometimes it even carries both.