The funny thing about watching movies is that they either exaggerate reality or they flat out lie. I hate to say it, but movies often make things that are hard to do in the real world look so smooth and easy. On the other hand, they make things that are fairly easy to do in the real practical world seem almost impossible.

Of course, the reason why they do this is quite obvious. They do this for some sort of narrative effect. For example, if you want to show people rising from adversity, then you would make every single decision look almost insurmountable, if not near impossible. It makes the point of victory even more impressive. Do you see how this works?

Hollywood is all about exaggeration. How can it not? If they depicted life like it really plays out, there would be a lot more movies showcasing grass growing in someone’s lawn or paint peeling on someone’s ceiling. Let’s face it real life is filled with such ‘boring’ and ‘empty’ details. Hollywood is all about chills, spills, thrills, and drama. While we have strong emotions, the movies truly plays them up until they become larger than life. Otherwise, people would lose interest in films because, hey, if you wanted to watch your life on the screen and wanted to see ‘reality’ you’d stick to the stuff you’re seeing in many areas of your life. Why blow the extra bucks on a movie, right?

Unfortunately, if you are looking for car parts online, you might be under the impression that finding parts for the right make, the right model, and the right year is a crapshoot. You might be thinking that there’s just so many bad sources out there, thanks to movie portrayals, that you’re probably even discouraged to even try to find high quality car parts online.

This really would be a tragedy because the reality is quite the opposite. Finding high quality car parts today through the internet has never been easier. Seriously.

If you think about it, all the hard problems in getting parts from Point A to Point B have been solved by bankrupt companies. There are many waves of companies that have experimented with selling automotive parts through the internet. Most of them failed.

But the good news is, that Darwinian struggle or that evolutionary selection process have weeded out the badly run, badly imagined, and weak companies built on weak ideas. Instead, we now have winners. These are companies that are able to truly deliver on the promise of buying car parts online.

So if you’re still shy or hesitant about buying quality replacement parts for your car, regardless of its year, make and model, please reconsider.

Times have changed. The global marketplace online for automotive parts is actually much better than you think. You’ve definitely been sold a bill of goods by movies. They haven’t been doing this segment of the internet any favors.