Top 10 Best Arabic-Dubbed Turkish Romance Series

Arabic-Dubbed Turkish – Turkish dramas are extremely popular in Arabic-speaking nations because of their cultural and historical similarities. Arabs enjoy watching Arabic-language romantic Turkish dramas on national television channels, and Netflix performs better than Western programming.

Top 10 Best Arabic-Dubbed Turkish Romance Series:

1. Hercai:

You will be able to learn about an amazing love story that is tied to an unanticipated destiny of vengeance in Hercai. An overview of Miran Aslanbey, a young businessman who has achieved success, opens Hercai’s story. He was raised by his grandmother after his parents died when he was young.

Now that his parents have passed away, Miran wants to exact revenge on the Sadgul family. He wants to marry Rayyan, the daughter of the Sadgul family, as part of his plan for vengeance. Miran’s marriage to Rayyan makes it hard for her to resist the temptations of vengeance.

2. Yemin:

In this sweet Turkish TV show, go through a series of tests to see the best love story. The Tarhun family, who hold important positions in Istanbul, is described in the story. Before his imminent death, Hikmet Tarhun, the head of this family, must rectify the situation.

In addition, he believes that when his Emir’s son marries, he will have more responsibilities. Hikmet has already specified Reyhan as the girlfriend of his son.

3. Sefirin Kızı:

The narrative of Sefirin Kz is one of love and loss. The conspiracy is led by Sancar Efeoglu, who lives in Bodrum and works tirelessly in the olive groves. Nare, on the other hand, is another story character who travels frequently for her father’s ambassadorial responsibilities.

Sankar and Nale have been together since they were young. Because of this, they have always desired to live together. The two get married when Nale returns to Bodrum from her vacation. However, things take a sudden turn when Nale discloses the most important secret in her life.

4. Sen Çal Kapımı:

The Turkish romance series Sen al Kapm, which has Arabic dubbing, is about two young people. Eda, the story’s main character, is a college student. Additionally, she holds a scholarship at a private college. She has always tried to control her life since her parents died when she was young.

When Eda’s private university cancels her scholarship without her permission, she is disappointed one day. This private research institute, on the other hand, is owned by Serkan Borat. After that, Eda confronts Serkan Borat and laments his actions. They say they won’t see each other again after this meeting.

5. Aşk-ı Memnu:

The romantic Turkish drama Aşk-Memnu is about Adnan Ziyagir and his family. Although Adnan lives with his daughter, son, and nephew, he eventually meets Bifter Yoreoglu and falls in love with her. Additionally, Adnan is not the only one who experiences this love.

Behlul, the son of Adnan’s cousin, is also obsessed with Bihter’s charms. They both experience feelings of falling in love over time. But the entire family will be affected by this secret love.

6. Kalasevda:

The most beautiful and touching story is told by Kara Sevda (Endless Love). Kemal, an engineering student who struggles to find his life’s rhythm, is the focus of this Arabic-dubbed Turkish series. Additionally, he supports his family by working part-time.

Additionally, the lead female character is Nihan, a painter from a wealthy family. She once went on her public tour to paint faces for new people. However, she meets Kemal by accident that day, and the two of them fall in love with her.

7. Asmeituha Fariha – Arabic-Dubbed Turkish:

Explore this romantic Turkish show about a love that lies and has ambition. Feriha Yilmaz is ambitious despite being from a disadvantaged background. Additionally, Feriha’s exceptional intellect assisted her in receiving a scholarship to a private university.

She doesn’t want her college classmates to know her real history. She meets Emir Salafoglu, a wealthy man who also has a problem with women. They fall hopelessly in love over time.

8. Vatanım Sensin – Arabic-Dubbed Turkish:

This Arabic-dubbed Turkish series tells a tragic tale of love and betrayal. Sebdet, who oversees the Ottoman army, is the focus of the narrative. He never loses faith despite the difficulties. He doesn’t live near his family, which includes his mother, children, and wife Azize.

Cevdet’s friend Tevfik betrayed him and led his enemies to capture him. Because he secretly loved his wife, Tevfik betrayed his friend. Therefore, he deceived his family by claiming that Sebdet had been killed in the war.

9. Aşk Laftan Anlamaz – Arabic-Dubbed Turkish:

It is one of the most-watched Turkish romantic comedies in Arabic and is the best in the genre. Additionally, Hayat, who spends her youth in Istanbul, is the subject of this play. However, she must fulfill certain family requirements to continue living in Istanbul without her parents.

She shows up for an interview at a multinational company one day late and is mistaken for another person. She begins working with Murat therefore of this, which helps her keep her position. They eventually fall in love despite having repulsive personalities.

10. Kara Para Ask – Arabic-Dubbed Turkish:

This best Turkish show, which is also available in Arabic, follows love through the most difficult situations. After the murder of her father remained unsolved, she came across this. Elif, on the other hand, is a key player in the jewelry industry in Italy.

For her birthday, she soon returns to her family in Istanbul. Even though Omer and Elif are not related, their lives come into contact therefore of an ongoing crime. Omer covers his fiancée’s death, which occurred in the same vehicle as Elif’s father’s. Therefore, they collaborate to discover buried truths.

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