Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Turkish Series in Arabic

Sites to Watch Turkish Series – The Arab world’s love for Turkish digital television cannot be ignored, and Turkish serials are popular not only in Turkey, Europe, and South Asian nations. I can’t stop myself from seeing them. Most of them, in this regard, are “Turkish Drama in Arabic,” “Turkish Serials in Arabic,” and “How can I download Turkish Serials in Arabic?” Where can I watch Turkish serials dubbed? They are available in Arabic. Arabic-subtitled Turkish series”

However, it is challenging to locate a website that streams Turkish serials with Arabic subtitles or dubbing. There are Arabic-language dramas on YouTube, but they are few and far between.

Top 10 Best Sites to Watch Turkish Series in Arabic:

1. 3isk:

One of the best places to watch the Turkish Series in Arabic is 3isk Video. Simply click the Dubbed Series button at the top of the header to watch Turkish television shows that have been dubbed into Arabic. On the other hand, viewers can stream Turkish dramas with Arabic subtitles through a variety of programs on the homepage.

Fortunately, Turkish Didi also lets you watch a lot of Turkish movies with Arabic subtitles on this platform.

2. Akwam:

Akwan is the most popular and authorized website for watching Turkish Programming in Arabic, with a large Arab audience. It has a large collection of brand-new Turkish television shows with Arabic subtitles. Using filters such as age, category, and language, Arab viewers of Turkish television can quickly locate their preferred shows on this website.

3. Turkish Drama HD العربية:

This YouTube channel should be the first option for viewers who want to watch Turkish programming on YouTube with Arabic subtitles. It has 3.84 million subscribers. You need to go to this YouTube channel’s “Playlists” section. There will be several digits in high-class, elegant Turkish with Arabic subtitles.

4. Show Alfajer TV:

Another great place to watch one of the most recent and well-liked Turkish series in Arabic is You won’t have any trouble watching any of the videos on this platform, and the image quality is excellent. Alfajar TV oversees most of the operation of this website.

It streams movies with Arabic subtitles, like other Turkish serial streaming websites, in addition to Turkish dramas. Moreover, this website also lets you watch the series in Arabic and English.

5. Netflix:

It’s possible that many of you already have a Netflix account. Therefore, Arab Americans can easily watch Turkish-Arabic dramas and shows on Netflix with Arabic subtitles. However, you can also use any VPN service to access that version of Netflix if you do not reside in any of these regions and the Netflix app does not permit Arabic subtitles.

Netflix doesn’t cost much. You can take advantage of Netflix’s premium plan for a streaming experience of the highest possible quality. Monthly fees for the basic plan are just $8.99.

6. MyCima:

If you want to download Arabic-language Turkish series, MyCima is a great option. We also have a large collection of Turkish programming with Arabic subtitles in our library. However, this website provides Arabic versions of well-known Hollywood films, anime series, and foreign television shows. Users can also watch wrestling movies and shows on MyCima.

This website’s users can use a variety of filters to find the most relevant content, which is another advantage. Languages, nations, and genres can all be easily customized.

7. CimaNow – Sites to Watch Turkish Series:

An up-and-coming website for watching Arabic television shows and movies is CimaNow, which is also known as Cinema Online in the Arab world. The user has two choices. It is a platform where users can find all the well-known Turkish shows and Korean dramas in Arabic, like Squid Game. However, its advertisements can be distracting to viewers.

8. Aramosalsal – Sites to Watch Turkish Series:

Another excellent website, Aramosalsal, has had Arabic subtitles for Turkish movies and TV shows since 2016. Users can watch popular Turkish TV shows like Ada Masali, Barbarossa, and Sefirin Kizi in Arabic thanks to its extensive catalog. Although it is a completely free platform, many Arab fans of the Turkish series may find the excessive number of pop-up advertisements and sponsored content in the sidebar annoying.

9. Itfrag TV – Sites to Watch Turkish Series:

Itfrag TV ought to be your choice if you want to stream the most recent episodes of Turkish television shows. We provide Arabic translations of the most recent episodes and shows on our streaming service. Arabic-language streaming is available for brand-new historical Turkish series like Barbaroslar and Destan.

10. Brstej  – Sites to Watch Turkish Series:

It is an excellent website that provides Turkish dramas with Arabic and English subtitles and is supported by three servers for video streaming. On this website, you can watch movies and TV shows, but you might see ads in pop-up windows. However, using this platform is made easier by an ad-blocker.

To put it succinctly, this guide introduces one of the best apps and websites for watching Turkish Shows with Arabic subtitles. We hope that these resources will make it easier for our readers to stream their preferred Turkish shows.

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