Top 10 Best Turkish Series to Watch in 2023

Turkish Series – The international audience for the Turkish series has rapidly increased in recent years in both the East and the West. The United States, the Balkans, the Middle East, China, Russia, South Korea, Latin America, South Africa, and Asia all have large followings for the Turkish television series “Dizi.”

English dubbing is available for several Turkish-language series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other channels.

Top 10 Best Turkish Series to Watch in 2023:

1. Yali Capkini:

Turkish romantic series Yali Capkini is well-liked by both domestic and foreign viewers. The main character, Ferrit, is a young boy who doesn’t take life seriously. His grandfather decided to wed him to a girl from his hometown to teach him responsibility. Therefore, Seilan becomes Ferrit’s wife.

A playboy who studied abroad in the United States and falls in love with a city girl is the subject of this series. Moreover, Melt Ramazan Demir plays Ferrit in the role of Jari Capkini, and Afra Salachor, a stunning Turkish actress, plays Ceylan. Yali napkins are the place to be if you want to watch new Turkish romantic series.

2. Terzi:

The Turkish actors who will be starring in Tagaytay Ulusoy’s upcoming Netflix series are in luck thanks to Terzi. The most recent Turkish Netflix series starring Sifanur Gul and Cagatay Ulusoy is arguably Terzi.

The story of Peyami, a well-known village tailor played by Cagatay Ulusoy, is told in Terzi dizi. He was doing well at work, but one day he fell in love with a customer. In essence, he creates a wedding gown for a girl, and the two of them fall in love. Character development is strong, and love and intimacy are encouraged.

3. Yargi:

The television series Yargi is full of romance, excitement, action, and suspense. Yargi dizzy is about a murder case in which lawyer Ceylin (Jeylin) and prosecutor Ilgaz transform into close friends. Every chapter of Yargi brings about new revelations.

4. Duy Beni:

One of the newest Turkish series for 2022 is Duy Beni, and viewers will remember it for a long time. This play tells the story of school life and how it helps all the students. Additionally, the story is heavily reliant on a few noteworthy incidents.

The life of Ekim, a middle-class schoolgirl, serves as the basis for the narrative. She sees her best friend Layla’s car accident one day. The charges against a wealthy student at her school who assaulted her friend were dropped. On the school grounds, the drama depicts class differences. Therefore, the drama brings up this topic in an engaging manner to educate the weak mind.

5. Cesur Ve Guzel:

Cesur Ve Güzel, also known as Brave and Beautiful in English, is a 2016 drama series that is worth binge-watching. The story is about Cesur, a brave young man who had some hard times growing up. The trash in Koldag killed both his grandparents and father. Leading roles have been played in the Turkish romantic series Kivanc Tatlitug, which is also known as Kivanc Tatlitug.

6. Baba:

The Turkish series “Baba” is one example of how Turkish drama production has made significant progress in the development of characters and stories. Another reason for Tolga Saritas’ welcome popularity in the drama is that he plays a significant role as Kadir Saruhanli. In a similar vein, this series features our favorite Ozge Yagiz in the lead role.

The drama focuses primarily on Emin Sarhanri’s life and the crimes he committed against his brother. The narrative takes an exciting turn after a tragic plane crash. Throughout the story, viewers are exposed to the strict family values and their influence. Therefore, the setting of this new Turkish drama is very interesting as it depicts internal affairs.

7. Tequila – Turkish Series:

The Turkish National Intelligence Service is shown in all its splendor in this action series set in Turkey. The series keeps viewers immersed in a never-ending cycle of intrigue, excitement, and action. Additionally, the Turkish National Intelligence Service’s mission is demonstrated in this drama.

Mete Bey serves as the team’s primary leader in this drama. This drama has a lot going on in all its seasons. The National Intelligence Service, on the other hand, maintains vigilance to safeguard their nation.

8. Sen Anlat Karadeniz – Turkish Series:

The plot of this Turkish melodrama, which deals with love and violence, is captivating. Three seasons of the drama aired in 2018. The tale of Nephes, who is subject to fate. When she was just 16 years old, she was forced to marry.

After she refuses to acknowledge the legality of her marriage to her husband, “Vedat,” it turns out to be a corrupt cell. Nepheth, on the other hand, embarks on a quest to locate her true love as the circumstances around her alter. Nefes is played by Irem Helvacioglu, and Tahir is played by Ulas Tuna Astepe in this Turkish soap opera.

9. Sefirin Kizi – Turkish Series:

The brand-new Turkish series Sefirin Kizi has received positive reviews from local and international drama fans. Yes, Engin Akyürek plays Sanjar, the main character in this series. It might be written “Sancar” in Turkish.

The protagonist of the story is a girl named “Nare,” who is the ambassador’s daughter. She makes a suicide attempt and leaves her lover on the night of her wedding. Eight years later, she comes into the life of her ex-husband with an 8-year-old girl named “Melech.” Sefirin Kizi is covered in detail here.

10. Sen Cal Kapimi – Turkish Series:

Another brand-new Turkish romantic drama series, Sen al Kapimi, stars Kerem Byrsin and the lovable and adorable Hande Erçel. Sen al Kapimi is also regarded as a blockbuster because romantic dramas from Hande Ercel have always been popular.

The dramatic plot of Sen al Kapimi also features a young girl named Eda who is passionate about her education and career but cannot study abroad for some reason. After that, Serkan enters her life and proposes to her for two months.

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