Top 15 Great International TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now

International TV Shows – Many of us aren’t quite ready to travel the world yet, but the vast world of digital streaming services allows us to immerse ourselves in the culture of nations like France, South Korea, Denmark, and the UK without ever having to leave our homes.

In your Netflix queue, do you feel a little drained? Add these 15 great series to your streaming rotation now and stay like you’re on vacation, from Nordic neo-noir to Spanish teen dramas to raunchy Australian dramas. Feel the video marathon and enjoy it.

Top 15 Great International TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now:

1. Kim’s Convenience:

Funny and touching, this cult-favorite Canadian television show is about a Korean family that owns a convenience store. The show, which is in its fifth season, will end after the final episode is available on Netflix later this year. Until then, watch all the episodes that are currently available on Netflix.

2. Research:

A dark and eerie Nordic drama about the real-life murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall and the killer’s eventual sentence of life in prison. The film, which was shot in Danish and has English subtitles, shows the fascinating work that a diver, engineer, and detective do to catch a murderer. HBO Max lets you watch every episode of exclusive shows.

3. Broad Church:

Broadchurch is a classic, gritty crime drama with a final twist in the first season, starring beloved actress Olivia Colman and Doctor Who’s David Tennant. Although the subject matter is admittedly somewhat ominous, the British series’ acting and writing are hard to miss. Netflix lets you watch all three episodes of Broadchurch.

4. Lupine:

The charming French series’ English-dubbed dialogue in the United States can be a little distracting. However, Omar Sy’s convincing performance as arrogant art thief Arsène Lupine, who is seeking family justice, will win over fans of silly jokes. Before the second season of Lupine comes out, you can now watch the first season on Netflix for 2021’s summer.

5. Itaewon Class:

In the best way possible, this Korean drama explores culture, family, loyalty, vengeance, power, and a street bar run by young people. Right now, you can watch the entire first season of the show on Netflix.

6. Call an agent:

In Call My Agent, get a behind-the-scenes look at the antics of the rich and famous or a dramatic and sarcastic look at a fictional French talent agency! The show originally ended after its fourth season last year. It was meant to be, and now it has a movie and is in its fifth season. Netflix lets you watch the first four seasons right now.

7. Wentworth:

The Australian prequel to Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, Wentworth, follows a woman named Bea Smith who has been accused of killing her husband and given a life sentence. Bee, like in “OITNB,” must navigate perilous hierarchies and form close bonds with his fellow inmates to navigate the prison environment. Netflix lets you watch all eight seasons.

8. Marcella:

Marcella is the epitome of a sinister and melancholy crime drama and one of the best shows in the “Nordic Noir” genre. During her turmoil, follow London detective Marcella Backlund as she investigates the case of a serial killer. The story has many delightful twists along the way. Netflix lets you watch all three seasons.

9. Elite – International TV Shows:

This sensual Spanish play is about the lives of students at Las Encinas, an elite private school. Elite contains a lot of murder, sex, and intrigue to keep casual viewers interested in this extremely dramatic conspiracy that is “not safe to work with.”

10. Peaky Blinder – International TV Shows:

Peaky Blinders, a Netflix movie based on real-life Birmingham street gangs, is unquestionably violent but has more intrigue than you might expect. Peaky Blinders isn’t historically accurate, but it has a strong cast that includes Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and the late Helen McCrory. The show’s sixth and possibly final season is currently being made, but the first five seasons can be watched in their entirety on Netflix.

11. Theft of money – International TV Shows:

The Spanish hit film Money Heist is a truly entertaining show with a great cast after two truly dramatic money heists. Take your time and watch all four seasons on Netflix.

12. Snowpiercer – International TV Shows:

“Snowpiercer,” directed by Bong Joon-ho and based on the post-apocalyptic Korean film “Parasite,” features masterful performances from actors like Daveed Diggs from “Hamilton.” You can watch both seasons on HBO Max and Hulu.

13. Borgin – International TV Shows:

The fictitious election of the country’s first female prime minister is the focus of this political thriller/drama set in Denmark. However, the real-life election of Denmark’s first female prime minister took place in 2011. In the three seasons of Borgen, you can enjoy a lot of intrigue and scandal like “The West Wing” and “House of Cards.” Netflix is currently streaming them all.

14. Dark – International TV Shows:

This German series is both sci-fi and suspenseful at the same time. It follows a fictional German city as you try to find out secrets from multiple generations. “Dark” stands out from most American police shows by featuring real-world wormholes, double lives, and time travel. Now, you can watch all three seasons on Netflix.

15. Babylon Berlin:

A policewoman who is also a flapper appears in this German neo-noir, which takes place during the Roaring Twenties. The show is set shortly after the end of World War I and has been dubbed into English on Netflix. This makes it easy to follow the convoluted plot and references to history. The entire fourth season will be available to watch online later this year.

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